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At Cloudflight (formerly Catalysts), we’ve been building a home full of open communication, purpose and mastery where you can unfold your wings and take responsibility from day one. We are makers, creators, and innovators. We provide an agile and safe place where brilliant people proudly co-create the digital future and enable each other to grow. Use your flexibility and autonomy to shape your work environment and contribute to an ambitious journey. Join us and work alongside the greatest minds, because at Cloudflight, your work is meaningful, significant, and has impact. Together, with outstanding passion, we do our best for excellent software solutions every day.


We develop individual software in areas like Satellite Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Agile large projects, Big Data, etc​. – check our insights to learn more about us:


We’re always looking for motivated and talented new team members. Apply for one of our published jobs or just get in touch with us for further information.

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Jakob Voit


Telefon: +43 664 4159847

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